Crisis Support

At the Office of Student Advocacy, we understand that crises can arise unexpectedly, impacting students' emotional well-being and academic success. Our Crisis Support Services are designed to provide immediate assistance and care to students facing urgent situations. We strive to create a safe and supportive environment where students can seek help and find the resources they need to navigate through difficult times. Our Crisis Support Team consists of compassionate professionals who are dedicated to responding promptly and effectively to any crisis situation.

Financial Assistance

Recognizing the significant impact that financial challenges can have on a student's ability to succeed academically, the Office of Student Advocacy is committed to providing comprehensive financial assistance and support. Our goal is to ensure that no student's educational journey is hindered by financial constraints, allowing them to focus on their studies and personal growth. Through a range of programs and resources, we strive to alleviate financial burdens and empower students to achieve their academic and career aspirations.

Food Insecurity 

Recognizing that food insecurity can significantly impact a student's well-being and academic success, the Office of Student Advocacy is committed to ensuring that every student has access to nutritious and adequate meals. Our comprehensive approach to addressing food insecurity encompasses various initiatives and resources designed to alleviate hunger and promote a supportive campus community.

Housing Insecurity

The Office of Student Advocacy is committed to ensuring that every student has access to safe, stable, and affordable housing. We recognize that housing insecurity can be a significant barrier to academic success and overall well-being. Our comprehensive approach to addressing housing insecurity includes a range of support services and resources aimed at assisting students in finding stable housing solutions.