Students who are or have experienced sexual assault, dating violence, and/or stalking have the option to meet with a trained advocate. The following services are provided at no cost:

  • Referrals to resources on and off-campus
  • Assistance with navigating reporting options
  • Accompaniments to appointments such as with the Police, Title IX, Housing, Academic Advisors, Student Health Services, VCU Health, Court, and others.
  • Safety Planning
  • Support in gaining accommodations
  • Violence Prevention and Awareness Education
  • Advocacy related consultations
    • with staff or friends who want to know how to support survivors
    • to understand more about our program and how we support students

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The advocates are a non-therapeutic resource, they typically provide short-term support that is focused on supporting and connecting the student with resources.

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Reporting Options

Meeting with confidential advocates does not automatically generate a report to either Title IX or VCU PD. Advocates can assist you in making the initial report and attend all future meetings with you. Students can report to Title IX, VCU PD, local PD (if applicable) neither, or any combination of Title IX and law enforcement.

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The advocacy program is also responsible for violence awareness and prevention education on campus. We work with the Peer Health Education program and Student Violence Prevention Committee to create engaging programs on campus about consent, healthy relationships, bystander intervention, and more.

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Websites and phone numbers to seek additional help including Self-Education resources.


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Meet the Advocates

Tameika McCoy, M.A., C.A.

Advocate Coordinator

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