This dedicated and diverse team of professionals in the Office of Student Advocacy works tirelessly to create a supportive and empowering environment for every student.

Office of Student Advocacy Staff

Lynanne Jamison Yndestad | Interim Director of Student Advocacy
Dr. Lynanne Jamison leads the team with unwavering dedication.   (More about Lynanne Jamison)

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Lynanne Jamison 2023 Headshot
Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth | Associate Director of Student Advocacy
Lisa is committed to helping students succeed as she provides personalized support, guidance, and resources to help students navigate their food and financial obstacles concerns.  (More about Lisa Mathews-Ailsworth)
Lisa Mathews 2023 Headshot
Ra'meer Roberts | Assistant Dean of Student Advocacy
Dr. Ra’meer Roberts is a skilled communicator and advocate, working closely with students to ensure their voices are heard and respected. (More about Ra'meer Roberts)
Ra'meer Roberts 2023 Headshot
Stephanie Coats | Assistant Director of Student Advocacy
Stephanie Coats is dedicated to providing general advocacy support through her collaboration with on-campus and community resources. (More about Stephanie Coats)
Stephanie Coats 2023 Headshot